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How Can Balance Testing Help You Feel Better Again?

Having issues with balance or dizziness?

Your ears could be the cause. Problems within the inner ear can make you feel dizzy or unsteady, regardless of whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down.

Diagnosing a balance disorder is complex and requires the services of a trained audiologist. There are many potential causes—including medical conditions and medications.

To evaluate a balance problem, your audiologist may suggest the following:

General Tests

These balance tests assess the cause and extent of the balance problem depending on your symptoms and health status.

A Hearing Test

Your balance system is part of the ear. It’s important to test both systems thoroughly when you have balance problems.

ENG Test

This test measures eye movements and the muscles that control them, or imaging studies of your head and brain.


This balance test measures how your body moves in response to movement of a platform, a patterned screen or both.

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