At Lambton Audiology Associates, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment services for all types of hearing and balance issues.  Our registered Audiologists will work closely with you, your doctor, and your family to ensure you receive the support you need to improve your hearing, balance, and overall quality of life.



We provide advanced diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages conducted exclusively by registered Audiologists. Auditory processing (CAP) evaluations are also offered for school-aged children. Employee hearing testing, as part of a comprehensive hearing conservation program, is also available upon request.


Our Doctor of Audiology holds a certificate in advanced studies in tinnitus and hyperacusis from Salus University, with an emphasis on the assessment and treatment of bothersome tinnitus. Comprehensive tinnitus assessments include tinnitus pitch and loudness matching, as well as customized recommendations to address specific areas of concern.


The prescription of hearing aids is a controlled act in Ontario and can only be completed by Physicians and registered Audiologists. Our Audiologists follow the most current evidence-based practices for hearing aid prescription and fitting, including the use of real ear measures, evaluation of your listening and technology needs, and validation of performance, benefit, and overall satisfaction.


Lambton Audiology Associates offers complimentary hearing help classes for new hearing aid users and their families. These classes consist of small group sessions to provide participants with an enhanced understanding of hearing loss, hearing aids, assistive devices, and communication and speech reading strategies. Our aim is to help you improve your hearing abilities in all aspects of daily living.

Our Audiologists